It was in the mid-seventies, in 1977, when I embarked upon a new career breeding partridges and soon realised that the challenge of persevering with my ideas about the problems plaguing our Red-Legged Partridge would not only become one of the greatest challenges of my life, but would also change how I felt and acted, converting my determination and enthusiasm into a personal commitment to preserve Nature, without such enormous love Grupo Altube Garmendia would not have prospered.


It’s thanks to Mother Nature that I’ve been shown to be right about each and every one of my new projects as the years have gone by, developing them on the basis of meticulous guidelines, strict protocols and sophisticated research techniques, but without forgetting that love of the land – seen as a sacred duty to the countryside – is where our very soul lies, the business ethics of Grupo Altube Garmendia, without which our ecological wines, the many healthy foodstuffs and, to give another example, the welfare of our animals, would not be the same, meaning that we would never have obtained the prestige and recognition that we are lucky to enjoy today.


That’s why I’d like to extend my personal thanks to all those who strive for Grupo Altube Garmendia day after day, and I would also like to share my boundless confidence in the future – a natural future, full of life, a future that honours us when we continue to exceed the expectations of all our clients.